Students identify many opportunities to further automate the water supply of hyCLEANER’s cleaning robot

The cleaning of PV systems is one of the growing markets due to the steadily increasing number of PV installations worldwide. It is important in order to avoid a loss of yield due to soiling. The company hyCLEANER from Gronau specialises in this task with its solar cleaning robots.

Over the past 8 weeks, 8 students from Saxion Hogeschool, FH Münster and Westfälische Hochschule have been working on the water supply for these robots. Their task was to prepare the robots’ hose guidance for autonomous driving. To this end, they developed initial ideas in an interdisciplinary team, discussed the most promising approaches and worked on prototypes. Direct exchange with users was also on the programme for the students and they took the opportunity to see the cleaning robots being used live in practice.

Celina Kneiber, Managing Director of hyCLEANER: “The Smart Solution Labs are a great initiative for SMEs to not only come in contact with motivated students from various universities in the area, but also to engage with a specific issue with impetus from outside. We are excited to see how we can now put the results into practice.”