Sustainability is a top priority in the exciting Smart Lab for bellanet in Rhede!

8 international students from Saxion Hogeschool, Westfälische Hochschule and FH Münster listened to bellanet’s challenging task: What steps can the company take to reduce the footprint of the well-known microfibre cloths? bellanet already uses recycled microfibres, but the company is not satisfied with that: It wants to do more in the direction of sustainability!

Over the next 8 weeks, the students will work intensively with design thinking under the guidance of innovation coaches Markus Schwering and Markus Könning to find creative solutions and make a contribution to the environment. The diversity of the departments coming together in this Smart Lab is essential for the different approaches that were developed at the kick-off and will be pursued in the following weeks in order to achieve this goal.

Let’s shape the future together! #SmartSolutionLabs #InterregVI #bellanet #Sustainability #DesignThinking #Innovation