Morphological box forms basis for four different concepts developed by students for Hollander Techniek

For some students in the 8-member team, the morphological box is part of their standard repertoire, while others have now been introduced to it for the first time in the Smart Lab for Hollander Techniek: This is one of the special features of the interdisciplinary teamwork in the Smart Solution Labs.

In order to fill the morphological box with content, however, all students were equally challenged over the past 8 weeks. They intensively analysed the individual working steps of the “Brick Slip Application Robot” already developed by Hollander Techniek and re-evaluated them, always keeping in mind the stated goal of streamlining the processes and redesigning the robot as a low-budget variant. From this, the students developed four different concepts, which they presented to the company during the final presentation.

Jesper Schrijver and Evert Bluemink from Hollander Techniek were impressed by the results. “The students’ input provides fresh ideas. We will study them thoroughly and decide which approaches we want to take further.”